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Anonymous asked: If things don't improve, I am curious to see if Brendan and Jo will sign on again after Series 6. Jo hasn't said she will stay until the end of the show, she's said until her character's story ends. I feel like Fellowes has so demoted their characters, that unless things improve substantially, I can see them leaving.


I can’t see Jo and Brendan leaving based on story at this point. They’ve had the best and worst and signed on again. I do see them reconsidering their future there if the ratings and opinion keep dropping and it’s no longer as attractive a job as it once was. 

Jo had 2 opportunities for an Emmy with DA and if last year didn’t do it, I don’t see it happening as Anna. I doubt Brendan will have another chance with Bates.

I think it will come down to other career factors. Pay, freedom to work on other projects and creative fulfillment and I can’t believe they are satisfied creatively.

I agree that their characters have been seriously demoted and it’s a disappointment that pretty much killed the show for me. Not only the wallpapering of them, but the brutal method used to shred the romance. Bates and Anna were the best thing on the show, so it was time to tear them down, lest they outshine other characters. To me it looks like deliberate character assassination on the part of Fellowes to try to keep his formula working.

The experience of actors has little to do with viewer experience most of the time, and it’s possible neither of them will get another hit of this magnitude. So they probably want to ride it out, and I don’t blame them.

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Fearlessness and unflappability, however, are important for any writer. The minute a voice says, “Don’t go there,” you may find that rejecting that advice will lead you to the most important writing adventure of your life.
Leigh Anne Jasheway (via writingquotes)